Dish #2: Sprinkled Rice Krispy Treats

This is how the treats looked before they cooled down and solidified.

This is how the treats looked before they cooled down and solidified. (Click for way better quality.)

4.2 / 5.0 on taste; no rating on presentation because I didn’t put it out on a plate (too sticky!).

Total time: 35 minutes

So, here’s the recipe link but I basically did not follow it much. It’s for Rocky Road Rice Krispy Treats, but I used the basic idea and ran away with it.

How I deviated from the recipe:

I couldn’t find chocolate marshmallows at Ralphs, so I only used regular white. I don’t really like peanuts and I don’t think a lot of teenagers do either (I was making these for a party today), so I didn’t use peanuts. I added colorful sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles to make it look prettier!

Things I liked about this dish:

Who doesn’t like sweet stuff? Even though I heavily botched up the recipe (see below at “things to do better next time”), everyone enjoyed the treats because they were sweet. It’s hard to go wrong with dessert, I realize. The sprinkles that I added were a moment of spontaneity but I’m glad I added them because they made the treats look cute haha.

Suggestions, things to do better next time:

Okay. MAJOR, MAJOR mistake I did. Since I’ve started cooking (uh, which was yesterday), I realized that MEASUREMENT is everything, really. And the units are all messed up and confusing because there are “ounces” for both solids and liquids and that can get confusing… So measurement / units are extremely important in cooking. It really is like chemistry. Basically, I bought three bags of 16 oz marshmallows and one bag of 10 oz marshmallows because I thought I needed about 1600 grams due to a conversion between cups –> grams –> ounces. Yeah, it’s confusing. Anyways, after putting in all the marshmallows in the 16 oz and the 10 oz bag, I was kinda getting suspicious of what I was doing because there was just SO MUCH marshmallow cream. The recipe calls for 6 cups of marshmallows. I did a quick look-up on my iPhone and basically, a 10 oz bag of marshmallows = 6 cups… or 16 oz = 8 cups. So I put in 8 more cups of marshmallows than was called for in the original recipe. Quickly, I put more cocoa krispies and sprinkles in the large mixing bowl to even out the large supply of marshmallow creme. I guess it turned out “yummy” in the end but it was extremely sticky and hard to cut! Don’t make my mistake! Remember, a 10 oz bag of regular-sized marshmallows = 6 cups. (Now I have two extra bags of marshmallows though..)

Yes, 5 tbsps of butter (my butter wrapper/cover had measurement units on it, so that was nice). It is a pretty large stick, so don’t freak out if you think you’re putting too much.

Also, the melting of the marshmallows into cream actually takes pretty long. The recipe says to melt them at low heat, but I did it at medium heat and topped the saucepan (get a large saucepan), and the whole process was still pretty long.

In summary, before buying groceries, I suggest finding out the accurate measurements of how much of an ingredient you actually need.


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